BlackJack is a very quiet, easy going, laid back kinda guy.  With his one crystal blue eye, he attracts the affections of fillies everywhere.



Honey, aka “Lori Darlin'” and Honey O’Hancock, is multi talented and yet very humble!  She is quite a sport.  When she is not doing an occasional trail ride or keeping the pastures occupied, she can be found doing Cowboy Mounted Shooting and Historical Reenactments.  She is well traveled.  She has been throughout the country from Ohio to Virginia to Mississippi and everywhere in between.  She is great for children and adults alike.



Diesel is a great riding horse for the heftier rider!! His disposition is gentle but he handles like a Diesel- he likes to be in the front and he is so big that the other horses move  out of his way! No kids please.



Teaspoon: Adults and children alike fall in love with this easy going quarter horse. The hardest part is resisting the temptation to let him sneak a bite of grass on the trail!



Winnie is extremely laid back, great with kids and beginners.



Jethro is an attractive Buckskin. He is good looking and yet he remains humble! He is very laid back and offers a slow, relaxing ride. Everyone who has ridden him has very much enjoyed him.



Polly is a spunky Paint mare for the experienced rider. Get ready to hold on as you smoothly gait through the trails.  Polly has paired up with Diesel and will almost always be seen riding right behind Diesel.  They are considered our old married couple.



Roanie just moved in this year and he is so laid back and easy going that he just joined the herd and took to his job like he had been doing it for ages. He is gaited and is a very smooth ride!

Big Dan

Big Dan is a quiet, big boned gaited Tennessee Walker.  He is a pleasure to ride.  His smooth gait will carry you for miles.