Valley Trail

$29.50 per person (1 hour ride)
(Bum Level 1)

This trail offers beautiful scenic horse trails in the Blue Ridge mountains that are great for adults and children alike.

This is an all time favorite that brings our riders back again and again. Although it is our Level 1 trail, it does have a good amount of uphills and downhills.  Since it is all walking, it will be easier on the bum! (can be made into a private ride: $44.50 per person)


The Cashes Trail

$39.50 per person (1 1/2 hour ride)
(Bum Level 2)

The Cashes Trail offers a little more time spent in the mountains as well as some trotting in a few places.  Since we are in the mountains, there are not alot of areas that are flat enough for trotting, but we will take advantage of those areas when we can on this ride!  There is a combination of scenic views, and wildlife.  All riders on this ride need to be comfortable at a trot. (can be made into a private ride: $54.50 per person)


Picnic Ride

$80.00 per person (2 hour ride, including lunch break)

Come and ride with us to a secluded, creekside picnic spot where your picnic lunch awaits you! We believe that you will agree with us that a trailride and a picnic are a great recipe for a beautiful day! On this ride, we cater to both the beginners as well as the more experienced riders.  The lunch that is typically prepared is a brown bag lunch including a turkey or ham sub sandwich.

The River Fords - This time of year, it’s “weather permitting” and “river permitting”

$100.00 per person (3 hour specialty ride)

The River Fords ride will make this vacation one to remember!  Cool your summer off with this “Wet n Wild” adventure.  This specialty ride involves hauling the horses and riders down the road so you’ll want to allow a half day for this unforgettable wilderness excursion.  Pack a snack or a lunch.  Or ask us ahead of time to prepare a brown bag lunch for you!  We will provide saddle bags for your use.  You must book this ride in advance as it requires us to make special accomodations for you.  This ride is not for beginners.  The area we are riding in is more remote and there are a half dozen river crossings.  We will also dismount at the halfway point and you’ll want to be able to remount your horse without the use of a mounting block.



$50 per person (1 hour ride)

We will time this ride so that you should arrive at our long distance lookout point just in time to catch the sun setting on the North Georgia Mountains. From this viewpoint, you can see the mountains of Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. The check in time for this ride varies throughout the year, based on the sun’s schedule!


Fairy Cross Rides - Back on March 1st!!

$75.00 per person (2 hour ride) (Private ride - the guide will go as fast or as slow as you’d like)

Hunt for Fairy Crosses as you ride the mountain trails. By reservation only, 2 riders minimum 5 riders maximum by reservation only. $75 per person.The Most Unique Horseback Ride in Georgia!!

Come and join us at Adventure Trail Rides for a truly one of a kind horseback ride and treasure hunt. Fairy Crosses are found in very few places in the world and Blue Ridge Ga. is one of them.  Every member of the ride is guaranteed to find at least one fairy cross and experience the thrill of treasure hunting in the North Ga. Mountains. You must have reservations for these rides so call and reserve your one of a kind trip.


Proposals and Romantic Rides

Customized to fit your needs

The Blue Ridge Mountains are the perfect place for romance and we love the opportunity to make your day extra special!  We have catered to numerous requests.  We can offer photography of your evening for you as well.  If you have an idea that you’d like to bring to life, just ask!